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Doç. Dr. Elif



Assoc. Dr. Elif Bengü After completing her postgraduate studies at Hacettepe University, Department of Educational Measurement and Evaluation in 2000, Elif Bengü worked for one year as an educational consultant in a company providing services in the field of distance education. In order to improve herself in the field of distance education, she completed her Master’s degree in Educational Programming and Instructional Technologies at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, USA, and received her Ph.D. degree from the same university. While working as a consultant in the International Office of the University of Kentucky in 2009, Dr. Bengü worked on global communication, volunteering and internationalisation of higher education institutions.

Assoc. Dr Bengü was appointed to establish the Learning and Teaching Unit (CeLT) at Abdullah Gül University in 2016. In her role as coordinator, she supports the educational function of the university and works with faculty members of the engineering, architecture and business departments to restructure their courses using various innovative methods, especially active teaching methods. Assoc. Dr. Bengü became the coordinator of the Global Issues and Responsibilities Curriculum in 2021 and has been designing undergraduate courses in line with the Sustainable Development Goals provided by the United Nations with a multidisciplinary team of faculty members since 2016.

Assoc. Dr. Bengü, in addition to her academic studies, received Wellbeing Expertise from Gedik University & Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Academy in 2021 and Reset Expertise Trainer and Prof. Dr. Zeynep Aksoy in the same year. She received her MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) training from Zümra Atalay. Assoc. Dr. Elif Bengü organises wellbeing workshops for students and staff of different universities and for participants of scientific congresses. She is currently working on the implementation of the Quidriple Helix model in achieving well-being and sustainable development goals in higher education institutions.