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After graduating from Marmara University, Department of German Language Teaching, Şinik worked in industry, finance and real estate for 17 years. As a result of working as a broker at ISE for 7 years, she turned to Body & Mind Medicine to completely eliminate the stress-related disorders she was experiencing. Impressed by the miraculous transformation of her body and mind through lifestyle changes, she made a radical decision to change her career and study Holistic Health in America. As a result, she completed the 3-year Meditation and Ayurveda Departments at the Chopra Centre.

Şinik, who founded the Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Academy in 2012, also develops ayurvedic products under the Daily Wellbeing brand for work-life balance.

A renowned physician, writer and philosopher, Dr.Chopra is one of the most powerful pioneers of holistic health and mind-body medicine in our century. Şinik, a student of Deepak Chopra, opened the first Wellbeing Specialist Certificate Programme in Europe under the umbrella of Istanbul Gedik University in 2020.

Şinik, who is the Wellbeing Ambassador for Mercedes-Benz’s She’s Mercedes project, works as a trainer for “Preventive Medicine Professional Certificate Programmes and Corporate Wellbeing Programmes” under the umbrella of the Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Academy.

Şinik, who has three books entitled Genes Are Not Your Destiny, Life Hidden in the Breath and Holistic Detox Recommendations and an annual Wellbeing Agenda, runs four different professional certification programmes, ‘Wellbeing Coach”, ‘Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist’, ‘Biointegrative Breath Therapist’ and a ‘Wellaging and Exercise Nutrition & Supplements Coach” under the umbrella of the Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Academy with the slogan ‘Be Good, Be Happy’. She also provides training and consultancy to companies and brands on wellbeing and well ageing.