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She graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication. Pelin Bilgiç, who achieved integrity in her own life through a healthy and balanced diet, Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Academy & Gedik University Wellbeing Coach Training, Biointegrative Breath Therapist Training; Cornell University Nutrition and Healthy Living, Biruni University Aromatherapy Training, Phytotherapy Training, Deepak Chopra Ayurvedic Yoga and Meditation Therapist Training, Bach Flower Therapy (Güner Yaman), Functional Life Health Coaching Training (Functional Medicine Platform), Burnell 3rd Age Woman Institute He has completed Neurocoaching ICF approved coaching training (Sinan Canan), Mindfullness Stress Management (Prof. Dr. Zümra Atalay).

Pelin Bilgiç, who has achieved integrity in her own life with a healthy and balanced diet, shares the knowledge she has acquired throughout her life through the trainings, seminars, books and TV programmes she prepares. Her aim is to explain and spread the importance of food hygiene and daily rituals with a new and sustainable model of life in the light of ancient knowledge with a healthy and holistic perspective, moving people away from diet stress.

Her articles and recipes are regularly published in Sofra Magazine, Lezzet Magazine, Livetobloom, Uplifer We Link You and Varlık Sende Platforms. Pelin Bilgiç is the author of the book “My Healthy Dinner Table”.

Recognising that the menopause period is more problematic for women, especially due to lack of knowledge, she has made it her mission to explain pre-menopause, menopause signs and solutions as a “Menopause Peace Ambassador”. Pelin Bilgiç teaches at the Academy as a lecturer at the Gastronomy Department of Okan University.