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PROF. DR. Nuray



She graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine (English). She is Associate Professor of Physiology and Internal Medicine-Physiopathology and Professor of Internal Medicine-Physiopathology. She is the Head of Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine (AUTF), Department of Internal Medicine, Department of Physiopathology, Head of Ankara University, Institute of Health Sciences, Department of Interdisciplinary Food Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition and a founding (2017-) faculty member.

She worked at the University of Heidelberg (Germany-2008-2010, at different times with TUBITAK and IntenC project support) on respiratory physiology and the immune system in respiratory diseases, artificial lung modelling and hypoxia/inflammation in the lung. She has received “Mastering Brain Chemistry” training from the Walsh Institute, USA. She holds an international Masterclass Trainer Certificate and has studied at CB Lyon University France “Medical Simulation”, AAF, Salzburg “Medical Informatics”.

Prof. Yazıhan who worked on mathematical modelling of complex systems at the Santa Fe Institute (USA-2004), has been working with the Republic of Turkey on modelling studies since 2005. She has participated as a manager and expert in projects of the Ministry of Health, United Nations (UNDP), UNICEF, World Bank, etc. and has worked on many projects related to “Health Economics and Policies, Risk-Benefit Analysis”, “Cancer Screening Programmes”, “Public Health and Preventive Medicine”. She has national/international publications, books and reports, and has participated in the establishment of the National Cancer Institute and the drafting of legislative proposals on “Tobacco and its Health Effects”.

She is a member of TUSSIDE Health Focus Group, Ministry of Health-National Nutrition Council, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Risk Assessment Department, Specific Food Ingredients and New Foods Commission, TÜBİTAK Science, Technology and Innovation Policies Board (BTYPK) Food Supply Security Working Group.

Prof. Dr Nuray Yazıhan is the COVID-19 Nasal Vaccine Coordinator and  she is on the Board of Directors of the Ministry of Health TUSEB Vaccine Institute. Faculty of Medicine, Chairman of Research Strategies Coordination Board, Chairman of Human Research Ethics Committee (founding member) and registered Clinical Research Ethics Committee.

She provides training and consultancy services in areas such as “Personalised Supplements”, “Holistic and Functional Medicine”, “Clinical Nutrition”, “Healthy Living”, “Functional Food”, “Health Economics”. Prof. Dr. Yazıhan teaches “Wellaging and Exercise Nutrition and Supplements” at Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Academy.

Her main areas of research are immune regulation, clinical nutrition and metabolism, cancer, neurological diseases, women’s health and infertility, and biofunctional foods. Dr Yazıhan has more than 150 international scientific papers, national/international patents and awards and more than 200 presentations. She has worked as a manager, researcher and consultant in more than 60 projects supported by national/international organisations.

She founded her first biotechnology company in 2010 to support localisation by transforming scientific knowledge and technical infrastructure into products to reduce foreign dependency, especially in biofunctional food and medical fields.

Biointegrative Breath Therapist, Chopra Centre Certified Meditation Training and Devaköy Ayurvedic Medicine/Nutrition Training and QiGong Training. She is a member of many national and international associations. Dr. Nuray Yazıhan is a board member of the Wellbeing and Holistic Health Association.