Increase Your Wellbeing as a White Collar Employee!


Boost Your Wellbeing as a White Collar Worker!

I want to mention the importance of Well-Being for all corporate workers who need holistic well-being that improves our lives and makes us happy.
For someone who has been working in the private sector for over thirty years, what does “well-being” really mean? For me, it goes beyond physical health; it means overall well-being in both personal and professional life. It means finding happiness, satisfaction, and holistic balance.
We all have countless emails and WhatsApp messages to answer, serious decisions to make, and lives to boring conversations. And we know it will never end, so it’s time to address the situation.
Take back control of your life!

Here’s the exciting part:  The power to harness Well-being and Work/Life Balance rituals and let them support you in countless ways you have!

As a member of the Board of Directors of the Wellbeing Association, I would like to share the things I have been paying attention to in my own life in recent years in the form of bullet points;
1. Learn Stress Management Exercises: The recommended daily routines for wellbeing will help equip you with effective stress management techniques, enabling you to navigate the challenging work environment easily.
To calm down in the middle of chaos, you must practice pranayama techniques, inhaling and exhaling through the nose.
You can incorporate breathing exercises and meditation into your daily routine.

2. Increase Productivity: When prioritizing Stress Management, you will improve your productivity levels and can optimize your health. Regular physical activity, good quality sleep, and a healthy work-life balance increase focus, energy, and productivity.

3. Nurture Relationships: Building nourishing and meaningful relationships is integral to social well-being and is part of the team—careful attention to team relationships to foster a positive and collaborative work environment. Show up, develop strong relationships with your colleagues, and support each other. Remember, a robust support system can make a world of difference!

4. Prioritize Personal Care: Personal care that recharges and rejuvenates you make time for your routines. Take 15 minutes daily to spend some time with your central nervous system; this is vital to nourish your central nervous system.

Practice an exercise, whether meditation, breathing techniques, or something like Yin Yoga. Or make time for your hobbies, like using sound frequencies, and take advantage of their calming effects, e.g., New Age pieces, Gregorian Chants, etc.
Set aside a SPA day for yourself, or use SPA rituals as part of your Daily Wellbeing (here, Daily Wellbeing site link insider) with ayurvedic body balancing products you can make yourself at home daily.
Self-care practices promote mental and emotional well-being and help you stay motivated, energized, and emotionally fulfilled.

Remember, to benefit our loved ones and other people in this life, we must first achieve balance within ourselves.
Our well-being, which we call Holistic well-being, is the most essential phenomenon in your life!
By adopting these Wellbeing Routines for Work & Life Balance, you will be able to achieve wellbeing not only in your work life,
You will also have a positive impact on your journey.
Start implementing these practices today without delay and witness the incredible transformation firsthand.

To the videos of the 1st Wellbeing Conference that we organized for the first time in Turkey as Wellbeing Association by entering from this link, you will see both Career Wellbeing and Career Well-being shared by Expert Panelists in different panels. Mind & Body Wellbeing, both Social Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing, and Environmental Wellbeing, you can listen to suggestions on how to raise your mood.

If you don’t know where to start, you can read, published by Wellbeing Expert Ebru Şinik self-guidance with the books Wellbeing Agenda and Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny.  You can also create a mechanism.
I have found it very useful, and I hope you will benefit from it too and find it easier to balance your stressful work life.
And I hope you feel better.

Didem Şinik Arıkan

Wellbeing Association Board Member | GETIR External Communication Director